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GP Seat Pad


The GP Seat Pad made of 6 millimeters of synthetic closed cell foam and comes with 3M self-adhesive and pre-cut for 2006-2012 Daytona 675 superbike seats.

• Eliminates sliding during hard braking and gives amazing grip when leaning off the motorcycle
• Increased traction, gives you better control of the motorcycle without sacrificing comfort
• Will not damage leather or textile pants
• The 6 mm of foam is thick enough to give you traction without sacrificing feeling

• The GP Seat Pad was designed with installation in mind. You will find the 2 circle shaped precisely over the attachment points in your superbike seat. This will help locate the pad on your bodywork.
• Once you the middle established you can then start positioning your Gp Seat Pad
• The seat pad adhesive backing is sliced along the back to help with getting started
• Once positioned remove one side of the backing and lightly push against seat
• Once you have it in the middle remove the other half of the backing and lightly push against tank

Make sure you have it where you want it before applying firm pressure. Once on, the 3M adhesive backing is durable and will be difficult to remove.
You do have some wiggle room if you start with subtle pressure just in case you want to move it around and get it exactly where you want it.